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      The servant tittered: "Yas, suh, so whah it flop up-siden de cup it leave a lemon-yalleh sta-ain."Now if some one would but grant Victorine leave to bestow this basket! As she left Anna she gave her pledge to seek this favor of any one else rather than of Greenleaf; which pledge she promptly broke, with a success that fully reassured her cheerful conscience.

      I am justly punished, he went on; I accept my punishment. You thought I did not love you; I know with what bitterness against me your heart was filledit is only natural that you should love him, that your heart should turn to the man who loved you before we met.

      "Home, sweet home! For our ravished one you will, I suppose, permit his beloved country to pay--in its new paper money at 'most any discount--and call it square, eh?" Half the bitterness of her tone was in its sweetness.

      [347]Did you really? said Esmeralda. I often wonder why you should want to come into the drawing-room. It must seem so dull to you, and you are always so merry after we leave you. We can hear you laughing. I suppose you are telling funny stories?

      I wish I dared, he said under his breath.

      Next morning, in a fog, the blue holders of a new line of rifle-pits close under the top of a bluff talked up to the grays in a trench on its crest. Gross was the banter, but at mention of "ladies" it purified.



      "Oh, her beauty does that," rejoined the kindly Miranda. "As Captain Kincaid said that evening he--"