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      On the run, Mr. Everdail told Sandy and Dick, and while we lay over at Bar Harbor, you two can watch for anything suspicious. My wife wont let me say that Mimi, the maid, could be guiltybesides, how could she get into Captain Parks safe?

      "Nary drap o' likker yo'll git from me, Sol. Simmons. Go and git yer likker whar y're welcome. Y're not welcome here. I don't keer if yo' have killed two Yankees or 20 Yankees. Y're allers talkin' about killin' Yankees, but nobody never sees none that y've killed. I'm a better Confederit than yo'214 ever dared be. I'm doin' more for the Southern Confedrisy. Y're allers a-blowin' while I'm allers adoin.' Everybody knows that. Talk about the two Yankees y've killed, an' which nobody's seed, here I've brung two Yankees right outen their camps, an' have 'em to show. More'n that, they're gwine to jine we'uns."

      "Mebbe so," said Si, with a guilty flush, and pretending to examine the others. "But I don't find none in the rest Have another?"

      What was that?

      "Too bad that your weddin' night had to be broken up so," said Si sympathetically, as he and Shorty and the bridegroom sat together on a knoll and watched the distant flames. "But you needn't 've come with us this time; nobody expected you to."

      "How did you happen to come into the Army of the Cumberland?" asked Si. "I'd a-thought you'd staid where you knowed the country and the people."


      CHAPTER XXII. TRYING TO EDUCATE ABRAHAM LINCOLNThe General Interrupts the Game 184


      "Throw him in the river! Duck him! Baptize him! Drown him!"


      I dont think sobut I dont know for sure who it is. But I do mean to ask you if youd like to help me, and I dont think it would be against robbers but against somebody that wants to destroy the Everdail Emeralds.