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      "Anna, you must go, else me, I will not!"But now out yonder the two cousins were in the saddle, Irby's sabre was out, and soon the manoeuvres were fully under way. Flora, at the General's side, missed nothing of them, yet her nimble eye kept her well aware that across here in this open seclusion the desperate Greenleaf's words to Anna were rarely explanatory of the drill.

      "Yes, to feel that way and same time to be ab'e to smile like that!"

      Forgive me, my dear Norman, but Im afraid I do not quite understand. I fear that you will think that I am growing stupid. Who are the pencilers, and what are spondulacs? andI think you said that the horse with the ridiculous name ran into a shop. Is there any shop near the course? I do not remember it.

      Her eyes to mine inclining,

      The nose's owner casts no upward look. Not his to accept pity, even from a fiance. His handkerchief dampened "to wibe the faze," two bits of wet paper "to plug the noztril',"--he could allow no more!

      Never mind, Barker, she said; I cant wait any[224] longer. Ill wear another dress. Shall I help you put the things back?



      Farewell, Jane!"