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      She had herself well in hand when she stepped back into the box again. At any hazard she was going to carry out the instructions to the very letter. And she had a fairly good excuse ready to her hand. If Mamie was no better when she got home she would use that as a lever.

      "Now you go and leave me," she cried. "I am sick of the sight of your faces. Give me a chance. Let me have an hour's start."

      Leona retorted scornfully that she had no desire for flight. But as for the food that Ren demanded, it was a different matter. Still, Lytton Avenue had always been an extravagant household, and there might be welcome food here that would have been looked upon with disdain a few days ago.

      With something between a sob, a sputter and a shriek he shut himself out again. Harry was never deep but in a shallow way, and never shallow without a certain treacherous depth. When Ned Ferry the next day summoned me to his bedside I went with a choking throat, not doubting I was to give account of this matter,--until I saw the kindness of his pallid face. Then my silly heart rose as much too high as it had just been too low and I thought "Charlotte has surrendered!" All he wanted was to make me his scribe. But when we were done he softly asked, "That business of yours we talked about on the Plank-road--it looks any better?"

      Machinery of transportation.It has been already remarked that the boldness of young engineers is very apt to be inversely as their experience, not to say their want of knowledge, and it is only by a strong and determined effort towards conservatism, that a true balance is maintained in judging of new schemes.

      "You had better," Hetty said demurely--"you had better run away and see to your Duchess."

      "Oh--I--I'm afraid to say it--even to Estelle, or aunt Martha, or--"Bruce forced a smile to his lips.



      Rose Lomas stood at the open window of her bedroom. Her bare arms and shoulders gleamed softly in the twilight. One hand held her loosened hair on the top of her head, and the other pressed a garment to her chest."Yes, Captain, I know that, too."


      Arthur dimly comprehended this. "No children," he hazarded.